Tirzah – ‘No Romance’ (Greco-Roman)

London born singer Tirzah’s debut ‘I’m Not Dancing’ was released in collaboration with close friend and experimental producer Mica Levi aka Micachu on Greco Roman in August of last year, attracting critical acclaim. Regarded as one of the best songs of the year by many outlets and tastemakers, ranking highly on countless end of year lists, Tirzah’s follow up record (again produced by Micachu) which was released this week has thus understandaby been highly anticipated – a five track break-up record where the pals delve deeper into the darker side of romanticism than ever before.

‘No Romance’ is a broken-beat lullaby with teenage girl-band lyrics. Tirzah croons – “No heartbreaks, no rejection,” – singing of a romantic utopia that’s simply impossible in this neurotic world that’s controlled by human nature and tendencies of the heart. It’s a gentle piece of lo-fi Pop that flows effortlessly, in what is becoming typical Greco-Roman style. Expect to hear it rinsed on the airwaves for weeks and months to come.

The fuzzy synths throughout ‘Best Thing’ are interesting, and the track has potential before it quickly fades out without going anywhere. Clocking in at 2 mins 24 seconds it’s more like an interlude than a song.  ‘Malfunction’ is a teary number, with monologues and rambling voiceovers, it’s the simplest thing on here and quite reminiscent of The Streets. Like the previous track, it could do with a chorus and being extended by at least twice it’s length.

‘Style’, is a more satisfying affair, with a caustic backing track and alarming vocals, conjures up imagery of a spaced-out girl lost in the night, dealing with some sort of post break-up induced trauma. Repeating to herself in monologue  – “You’ve got to be tough, You’ve got to have style,” you can visualise some the hypothetical music video to this one without too much strain.

The title track and ‘Style’ are very strong efforts but it’s ultimately the record’s brevity is rather disappointing. Nonetheless, this writer is looking forward to seeing Tirzah open up a little more in the future, she has a bright one ahead of her…

‘No Romance’ is out now on Greco-Roman, buy the EP here.

Conor McTernan