The Gaslamp Killer – ‘Death Gate’ EP (Brainfeeder)

Anyone who’s lucky enough to have seen the Brainfeeder resident DJ live will know his hyper-energetic shows, accentuated by his very individual appearance, are some of the most eclectic sets to be found anywhere on the globe today. The man who’s been bringing the world the sounds of Brainfeeder with his regular podcasts and mixes has found the time in his ridiculous schedule to put together his third EP, ‘Death Gate’, and the eclecticism of his musical taste is ever-present and palpable in this studio production.

Opening with the stripped-down digital 808-sounding 2-step of ‘Fun over 100’ the EP throws a metaphorical curve-ball to anyone expecting standard Brainfeeder fare; for while the opener could be found on a FlyLo album the follow up track, ‘When I’m An Awe’ (featuring GLK’s previous collaborator Gonjasufi) is more reminiscent of Zappa or even post-Sergeant Peppers Beatles with a looping bass-and-guitar refrain and spooky, distorted vocals, finishing with a big noise freak-out.

‘Carpool Dummy’ (feat. Mophono) brings us straight back to the modern LA sounds with a massive, rusty acoustic syncopated beat laden with gloriously glitchy tones, leading the way for track 4: ‘Shattering Inner Journeys’ featuring Computer Jay. Opening with some pure computer noises, joined by lovely warm acoustic drum samples compiled into a head-nodding master-piece with a huge, sci-fi horror soundscape, the track breaks down into a jazz style exploration of a drum-kit accompanied by wandering bass and a variety of accompanying sound effects creating a dark and vivid dreamscape. Then a march sounds and the theramin-esque sci-fi soundtrack returns with spine-tingling effect, only to fade in to another 60’s garage freak-out that gives way to an electronic LSD nightmare. The final track, ‘Monsterfromtheunderground’ kicks off with another bass-heavy Brainfeeder-standard beat slipping effortlessly into more phonic experimentation from this hairy, scary producer.

In all the EP seems a bit short to me, but then I heartily enjoy every moment of it and we all know fun stuff is always over too quickly! If you’re having an indecisive moment when choosing what to listen to, or simply want something a little bit different then the Death Gate EP is for you. If you’re a simple-minded traditionalist who needs things to remain the same throughout then avoid this one; the Mother Fucking Gaslamp Killer is pushing things forward like no-one else.

‘Death Gate EP’
is out now on Brainfeeder


Words // Olly Huntley