The Analogue Cops – ‘PARTYTODANCE’ EP (Fragil)

The Analogue Cops‘ ‘PARTYTODANCE’ EP is neatly summed up by its title, straight-to-the-point club tracks that don’t take themselves too seriously. Whether under this alias, Third Side, Parassela, or by themselves, the unmistakably extrovert character of Lucretio and Marieu‘s output never fails to shine. Their purist approach to production and release has, since their early days, been balanced by the upbeat tones and spontaneous structure of their tracks, and is present on this EP as much as any other.

‘AC-LIVEX02’, the stern-faced opener, is a formulaic combination of kicks, crashes, hats, bleeps and groove. Though halfway softened by a vocal sample, it is nonetheless the record’s most direct tool; one standardly void of any digital effects or non-essential enhancements. In a similar vein ‘AC-LPARIS1’ is dubby, raw and repetitive, subtly paving the way for the flip with bouncy toms.

The B-side sees the Cops turn to the jacking, Chicago house style that has become as prominent as their techno. The most blatent nod that way is unsurprisingly the eponymous ‘PartyToDance’; a weld of classic house keys, an equally nostalgic vocal line and a gritty bassline. ‘AC-Snatchsquad’ is a tunneling house track with lo-fi atmospheres, it completes another quality record from one of house and techno’s most consistently interesting acts.

The ‘PARTYTODANCE’ EP is out now. Buy the vinyl here.

Richard Akingbehin