tessela d jane

Tessela – ‘D Jane / Channel’ (Punch Drunk Recordings)

Punch Drunk has always carried the same air of quiet, understated certainty that its founder, Peverelist, emits. Last years highlight came from 2011 break-through producer Kahn, who’s ‘Like We Used To’ / ‘Helter Skelter’ split garnered much end-of-year acclaim. You can imagine that 2012 will hold equal if not more fortune for the Bristol based label, as it’s first release capitalises on a growing trend. Tessela first came to attention through Dublin label All City’s Slugger EP, showcasing his promise through a swerving, accomplished set of tracks. ‘D Jane / Channel’ continues the producers capacity to evoke surprise and admiration.

Within the opening minute of ‘D Jane’ you’re bouncing. Pitch-shifted vocals line the metallic percussion for the build-up before the drop hammers home. Akin to whiplash, highly concentrated and claustrophobic, Tessela then goes that extra mile and adds a melodic line over the top, a savage one-two. Drawing immediate comparisons to Blawan and Randomer, the West Country producer feels more organic, adding a healthy dose of swing to his work, and never quite crossing that line of rigidity.

B-side ‘Channel’ continues this theme, pummelling toms and a deep, warping bass that fills your ears. It’s a little moodier, shifting the perspective yet losing none of the intensity, channelling it into a more reserved form after the controlled chaos of ‘D Jane’. The tracks fit the aesthetic of Punch Drunk well, and should see plenty of rotation within clubs over the next few months, especiallygiven the A-sides penchant for madness.

Seb Merhej

‘D Jane / Channel’ will be released via Punch Drunk Recordings on February 20.