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Terekke – ‘Terekke’ (LIES-BLK)

Terekke has always been something of a musical outlier within the LIES label. His blissful, dusty House jams which prize melody over noise, and feeling over propulsion make him their most obvious aesthete. The anticipation for this release would have been high, were it not for its arriving almost completely out of the blue, as is Ron Morelli’s wont. Terekke, however, needs little introduction. On his third release for the NY imprint, and his first for its new white label offshoot LIES BLK, Terekke continues just where he left off.

All elements of a Matt Gardner production are immediately evident on opener ‘Yr’. The detailed, feather-light percussion; the submerged vocal samples; and those warm, meandering synth lines are all present and correct. The track is also perhaps his most accessible to date, its seven minutes or so float past in a Balearic wave of sleepy melodies and off-centre claps. The murky atmosphere of past efforts is traded for a euphoric feel; as a female voice intones “I just wanna be your love”, which flits in and out of the mix, like the thoughts of a swooning lover.

The first few bars of the second track will be instantly familiar to anyone who’s caught a Terekke live set recently. It’s a condensed version of a sequence that has been a consistent feature of these shows. The insistent, chiming scuffle with which the track opens is pure Dub Techno, but everything that follows defies easy categorization. What starts off like a Shed track, morphs into something far more beautiful as each new element is added with a winning deftness of touch. A few sparse, jazzy keyboard noodles signal the addition of the high hats at around two minutes in, and from there on the track evolves gracefully until its close. It’s perhaps the finest expression to date of the Terekke aesthetic; a razor-tight grasp of percussion allied to freewheeling melodies and ambient textures. A versatile piece of music, its as perfect for stargazing in the solitude of one’s room, as for delighting a dark basement at 6 in the morning.

The flip side opens with a palette cleansing Ambient piece. Proof that Terekke doesn’t need a drum machine to make rewarding music; warm analogue tones wrap themselves around a listener in an amniotic embrace. I’d imagine this one would be a perfect antidote to any edginess caused from late night over-indulgence. Put this on and let the blankets devour you.

The final offering is the hardest. Tracky, dubbed out oscillations swirl around kick drums so deep as to be almost imperceptible. It also features a snatched vocal sample that is almost UK Garage in style; not far removed from something Burial might use. These elements are joined by undulating snare patterns and some snarky 808 bass programming. Everything feels crafted, moulded into one coherent whole. The rhythms become the melody, and the melody the rhythm.

The whole EP is immersive and hypnotic, yet remains focussed throughout. It’s all the things we’ve grown to expect from an artist who is currently working just that bit above pretty much all of his peers.

‘Terekke’ is out now on LIES. Buy it here.  

Tim Peyton