Teebs – ‘Ardour’ (Brainfeeder)

A vibrant visual artist turned music producer, Teebs is the latest young talent to be taken under the wing of Brainfeeder label head Flying Lotus; his debut album Ardour bringing the soft, hip-hop flavoured electronic beats that make it an ideal release for the LA label.

Teebs is one of those producers whose work you think of as art rather than music; he wants to create a certain feeling through his music. Every arrangement, every flick of the beat or inflected note is crafted with the utmost precision.

Beats wobble and pulse underneath feather-light piano melodies and on tracks like Arthur’s Birds the reverberating bass stretches the chiming synths like a charmingly distorted organ. Bern Rhythm brings a guitar into the mesmeric folds and Gaby Hernandez adds a suitably soothing vocal touch on Long Distance. The album is full of tranquil beds of audio, underpinned by deep, sumptuous bass which creates an ambience so relaxing it’s like floating through space with a lung full of opium.

On first listen the tracks do blend in to one and some will want more variety from Ardour. But while a few changes of pace might make the album more dynamic, they would detract from the overall atmosphere, and you get the impression this is the most important element for Teebs.

Subtle, original, exquisitely executed, it may have been a long time in the making but Teebs’ first LP has the class that marks him down as a producer to watch for years to come.

Words // Robert McCorquodale