T Williams – ‘Can We’ (Enchufada Records)

Starting from the grime and garage days as DJ Dread D over 10 years ago, the crafted production of T. Williams has the substance and maturity of someone that’s been working on his game for a long time. Having first debuted on Enchufada with last year’s Getting Mine, he now returns to the label with Can We, a six track EP of bass centred house music that demonstrates how to deliver a hefty pay load without sounding cheap or indulgent.

When the vocal loop is joined by a thudding drumbeat on the opening of title track ‘Can We’, you instantly get the impression the track won’t be playing games, and sure enough within a few moments the beat is engorged with a monster bass piston that will smash up clubs and parties into little pieces. It’s followed by the much touted ‘Synthia’, which mixes an enticing drum break with old school rave synths, chucking in a mid-track breakdown to capture the warehouse vibe.

‘Malfunction’ employs the kind of bouncing, thudding bass line that’s become popular among many producers recently. Williams, however, balances it against the soulful voice of vocalist Alix and snaring percussion, creating a catchy dance floor cut with plenty of style, the club mix version adding a little extra bite on the percussion.

Probably the most intriguing track on the release, ’30 Degree’ seems to take it down a notch as it swaggers in with its nonchalent melody, drum claps and interment phases of deep bass. After a minute and half the tempo steps up and things get a bit funky, the energetic bounce in the bassline and snap in the beat creating party flavour before the track retreats once more. Final track Zoop, with it’s big, imposing notes and intensive bass pressure makes for some tasty speaker meat, but while it’s just as impactful as the others it isn’t as original.

A series of high calibre club bangers, ‘Can We’ finds that blissful combination of well judged execution and the meatiest of bass. But while Williams shows he’s a fantastic producer with plenty of skill, this release is about turning the volume up all the way and holding onto the bass bin.

Robert McCorquodale

‘Can We’ is available now via Enchufada Records.