STERAC – Different Strokes (Mote-Evolver)

Steve Rachmad’s latest release comes out on Mote-Evolver; essentially a pairing of Techno titans to create a crafty four-track of dancefloor cuts. Luke Slater’s label has released a consistent slew of high quality music that is both intelligent in design and entertaining, often employing spiralling arpeggios and tightly wound percussive elements to increase tension and keep listeners guessing.

This offering comes from STERAC – one of a variety of Rachmad’s aliases – and one that explores deeper realms, producing a more brooding sound than some of his previous numbers such as the remix of James Ruskin’s ‘Work’. Check out ‘Primus’ from the ‘Osirion’ EP via Dutch House label Pure for an example of similar otherworldly sounds under STERAC.

‘Stroke 1’ opens with a wicked synth-led bassline that’s matched with a double-time hat and crisp kicks. ‘Stroke 2’ cleverly recycles the same percussive elements in a varied pattern, turning it into a Breakbeat-esque roller. Hints of amen breaks simmer on top of a whirring bassline that occasionally has the nous to break through the surface, also recycling the harmony from the first track. ‘Stroke 3’ is brighter than the previous numbers – a shimmering synth floats on top of thumping kicks for a spacey trip. ‘Stroke 4’ is a pure percussive workout that livens the EP and demonstrates more witty use of rhythmic patterns to cement a solid release of dark electronics.

‘Different Strokes’ is out now on Mote-Evolver. Order it here.

Oliver Todd