SP:MC & LX One - Hunted / Oh My Gosh

SP:MC & LX One – ‘Hunted / Oh My Gosh’ (TEMPA 060)

If you like your bass deep, deadly and menacingly slow, you’ll no doubt be swaying with anticipation at the news that SP:MC and LX One have teamed up once more for a release on the seminal dubstep imprint Tempa. ‘Hunted/Oh
My Gosh’ is their 4th release on the label, continuing from the standout ‘Trust Nobody’ and the more recent ‘Down / Judgement’, their signature dark atmospherics earning the support of names such as Youngsta, Distance and N-Type over recent months.

The opening vocal sample on ‘Hunted’ sets the tone at ominously grisly, the words “mind of a killer” paving the way for heavy swathes of smouldering bass that are complemented by angry little pulses and subs that go deeper than
the Titanic. Looming out of the darkness like a slow moving beast, the track is characteristically intense and foreboding, their precise production style encapsulating everything you want from dread-ridden half-step.

‘Oh My Gosh’ swaggers in with more of the same, although this time the vocal tee-off is a little too obvious and consequently doesn’t deliver quite the same edge. The wallowing subs, however, carry just as much weight as before,
pressing the air out of the room with the type of undue force that leaves your speakers throbbing in their brackets.

Perhaps the surrounding elements of high-hats and bulging notes don’t pack quite the same intensity as on ‘Hunted’, but all-in-all SP:MC & LX One have given us two slices of pure dread that will have you howling for more if your not cowering behind the sofa.

Robert McCorquodale

‘Hunted / Oh My Gosh’ is out now on Tempa.