South London Ordnance – ‘Trojan / Pacific’ (Well Rounded Records)

The incorporation of techno influences is nothing new within the UK electronic spectrum. It’s an avenue that has been heavily explored in 2012, with varying degrees of success across the board. South London Ordnance has been a name closely associated with the house/techno surge in the UK, enjoying similar exposure to fellow practitioners such as Artifact and Thefft. Comparisons aside, his sound occupies some of the more unique and interesting space that we’ve heard. After a gleaming release on 2nd Drop Records in the form of ‘Sanctuary / Roofy’, this latest quickfire 12” on Well Rounded signifies the best he’s produced yet.

Much of this stance can be attributed to A-side ‘Trojan’. With SLO’s sound constantly morphing with each new release, it’s interesting to mark his trajectory from track to track. Some elements remain the same, such as the reliance on the increasingly upbeat keys to maintain a distinct dichotomy with the overloaded basslines. ‘Trojan’, however, forgoes the typical excess, it’s 4×4 signature incorporating a rounded, multi-layered hook. It’s less menacing but no less gritty, it’s weight thrown behind similarly infectious vocals. The positive edge on ‘Trojan’ is what makes it so memorable, the chords doing much of this work. Behind it all there’s still that familiar weight, but this slight shift in course has made it one of the tracks of the summer.

‘Pacific’ feels altogether busier, more forceful in its convictions. Rigid in it’s structure, its pumped along by the percussion, a nasty groove of a bassline in it’s wake. The pre-drop build up has to go down as some of the most confident material SLO has produced, with sprawling, rave-induced atmospherics providing a three dimensional quality to the track. The release feels like another giant step in the journey of this precocious producer. Essential.

Seb Mehrej

‘Trojan/Pacific’ will be released in July via Well Rounded Records.