Snow Ghosts – ‘Secret Garden’ EP (Houndstooth)

Having released their debut album, ‘A Small Murmuration’ in 2013, Snow Ghosts have grown into a nationally recognised force. They were named The Guardian’s ‘New Band of the Day’ in 2013 as well as being lauded by Zane Lowe and are destined to make a splash at festivals this summer, following this astutely asssembled collection of .

Opening track ‘Secret Garden’ is a crash and tumble of electronic notes that brilliantly blends into the smoothly ambient undercurrent, sweetened with the introduction of delicate piano. The tune is a collation of comforting synths and playful electro keys that add to the track’s pace without taking away from it’s overwhelmingly mellow nature.

Richard Skelton’s Remix begins with a distant and distorted orchestral score which is combined with ethereal vocals that echo a message of meditative journeying. The atmosphere of this tune is imploringly explorative both sonically and lyrically, the words “Take Me To Your Secret Garden” floating over the rising pulse of the beat; as violin strings dance in and out of the in tune. A deeply moody production that expertly guides the listener’s experience with it’s gentle undulation of vocals and various synths.

Matthew Herbert’s remix is definitely the most upbeat housey piece on the ‘Secret Garden’ EP, it’s snappy hand claps and mellow drum played in a casual pattern. Synths are layered in perfect measure, giving a subtle hum to the tune which accentuates all of the other sounds that dive in and out of that drum pattern. A great rework that’s going to have find its way into more than a few DJ sets.

The final track of the project, Dahlia Black’s remix of ‘Covenant’, closes off the ‘Secret Garden’ EP in sublime fashion. Crackling analogue sounds implode into a booming encore of electronic choirs and knocking bass, announcing the dramatic twist made on this remix. New age dark hip hop from Blue Daisy fuses with House on this track to create a solid head banger which is elevated by the piercing vocals that appear ever at the appropriate moment to provide a strangely soothing eeriness.

The ‘Secret Garden’ EP is out now on Houndstooth. Buy it here.

Ranako Daley