Sigha – ‘Sigha’ EP (Hotflush)

The self-titled ‘Sigha EP’ marks the London based producer’s fifth release on Hotflush since his debut back in 2009. While his vast and shadowy techno/house sound still prevails, it’s refreshing to hear a bass and percussion driven track that seems specifically tailored for the dance floor on this record. From the off, it’s clear that Sigha may be steering away from that exclusive, almost monomaniacal take on production that has rendered some of his tracks strictly bedroom listening. The four track EP, whose productions are efficiently named by their catalogue number and placing on the double sided vinyl, sound just as they should. With fear of sounding cheesy, Sigha calls forth the simplistic “man and machine” method of making techno, to subtle and distinctive effect.

‘A1’ presents an industrial acid sound, hard edged and impelling with distant and jarring stabs and twangs that cause momentary aural anxiety. Strangely enough however, 5 minutes in it hits and you can almost get lost in the driving loop, only to be pulled back in by the relentless, filtered pangs that keep you locked until the end. It’s B-side, evidently entitled ‘B1’, is the highlight of the release. With a huge, bass-lapping dance floor focus, your heart is lifted by the unadulterated persistence of the kick drum. It’s easy to imagine this track pumping out to a bare and cavernous club space, with a gentle cheer from the crowd as tension builds at 3 minutes, leading onto a triumphant roar upon the drop at 4 minutes. Of course, those same sporadic ‘error’ sounds that unremittingly kept you focused in ‘A1’ are also present here; perhaps acting as a reminder that this is the technical and detailed sounds of Sigha that we are listening to.

Featuring subtle, unassuming house synths and percussion mirroring candle-snuffing satisfaction, ‘A2’ ticks along nicely, taking you to deep and mesmerising mindset. ‘B2’ is darkly and disconcertingly cinematic, without a beat and instead buzzing with scarce and industrial sonic interference. Swelling and confusing Enter the void style stuff that we’ve seen hints at on previous Hot Flush releases, and arguably a shape of things to come from this celebrated-across-the-spectrum, darkly talented producer.

Sophie Thomas

The ‘Sigha EP’ is out now on Hotflush.