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Saga – ‘Treachery’ (Self-Released)

Saga is an explosive producer. First brought to our attention by Visionist’s Lost Codes label back in 2013, he followed up his debut EP with another for J-Cush’s Lit City Trax at the back end of last year, both of which were deserving of more attention than they received.

In a time of experimentation, weightlessness, space and melody within a wider Grime context, his music lands like a hammer blow – the sort of instrumental Grime that cares little for trends or buzz words, bludgeoning its way through the landscape with sharp, self-fulfilling menace. New EP ‘Treachery’ does exactly that to the fullest too, perhaps even more so than his two previous efforts.

The growling bass swirls and phrenetic bursts of FX of the title track would be enough to leave even the most seasoned Grime soundboy scratching his head, but the onslaught continues apace throughout – as evidenced by the Bloom-esque ferocity and icy, orchestral interludes on ‘Compulsions’. Even ‘Tryst’ – the one track that utilises space within its make-up and hints at translating it’s own, more insular message – is awash with weighty bass pulses and dark, ghostly snaps.

That said, Dark0 does opt to bring some glossy respite to proceedings with his crackly, synth-rich soundscape rework of ‘Treachery’ – an illuminated, HD edit of sorts that shares similarities with Cyphr’s ’Sun’ track – while Visionist tears ‘Tryst’ a new one with devastating force and textbook ‘crying angel’ vocal chops.

While some might feel ‘Treachery’ borders on overly aggressive (and completely unapologetic), I get the sense Saga’s music isn’t here to be accepted – it’s here to scare the shit out of everyone – and for that alone, we recommend giving it a listen.

‘Treachery’ is available now on Bandcamp

Tomas Fraser