ostgut_Panorama Bar 06

Ryan Elliott – ‘Panorama Bar 06’ (Ostgut Ton)

Ryan Elliott is one of Panorama Bar’s most daring selectors, and the records in his collection, which defy any restrictions in genre or style, have consolidated his aptitude as one of the institution’s key players since 2007 (I heard him play Orbital’s “Belfast” at New Year a couple of years ago – could there be a better time to hear it out?). Panorama Bar 06 is his contribution to the club’s esteemed mix series, and the first to have been given away for free online via Ostgut Ton.

Portable’s deep voice soothes us in on the intro, before Newworldaquariam’s atmospheric “Thousand Oaks”, which is one of 10 exclusives available separately on vinyl. The transitions are quick and subtle throughout, and within 5 minutes we’re treated to a sample of Sylvia Robinson’s sensual vocals on “End of my World”.

Elliott adds more pace across the next few tracks, and it’s on the Soul vibe and compressed hi-hats and snares on “Banana Resort” that it first starts to feel like the kind of thing we may hear him play on any given weekend in Berlin.

Makam’s “Girls Night”, followed by the throbbing bassline on Octave One’s “Track 3” is altogether harder and darker, before a few Breakbeat numbers which demonstrate the scope of his collection. “Conquering Lions” and “Whoa!” are both on a similar tip, before the Tribal vibe on Hard House Banton’s “Reign” and the jittery, unsettling vocals of “Clap Yo Hands”.

The addition of a Garage classic in Groove Chronicles’ “Your Power’s Taking Over”, which features a serious bassline, is one of the most exciting parts of the mix, before Head High’s “Power Seat” adds some context to the whole release as one of the summer’s most distinctive anthems.

“Groove Like That” is one of the most triumphant moments, and feels like the kind of point you can imagine the infamous shutters opening upstairs in P-Bar.

The cosmic vibe on “House Music” proves Mr Tophat & Art Alfie as one of the best production duos around right now, followed by Mr G’s “Womb”, where Elliott takes a more playful turn through a few addictive chords. Tronic Pulse’s “Hit That” is no different, before we’re offered some of the finest moments in the dénouement.

G Marcell’s “Breathe (Exhale Mix)” is an excellent example of sedate Chicago House , while “Take It Slow” is one of the most rewarding tracks across the 90 minutes. Terrence Dixon’s “Innocence” feels like the perfect closer, which makes the abrupt addition of Dettmann’s Ambient “Light” feel a little frivolous, although this is largely inconsequential in the overall context of the mix.

A message from Elliott accompanies the download for Panorama Bar 06, where he describes the importance of conveying his interpretation of the sound of a night in the club. Whether through the new and exclusive tracks littered throughout, the House classics the club is so famous for, or the Breakbeat and Garage cuts which help typify Ryan Elliott’s sound, it’s not hard to see where he’s coming from. On the same message, he also describes how Panorama Bar stands for ‘quality House music’. For me, Panorama Bar 06 is no different.

‘Panorama Bar 06’ is out now on Ostgut Ton. You can download it for free from the player above. A two part 12″ of exclusive material from the mix is available to download from Ostgut Ton’s website.

Chris Williams