RS4 – ‘Hexagons’ EP’ (Paper Plates)

RS4 is an alias of Sheffield based producer Oris Jay, one of the original masons that laid down the foundations for the initial Dubstep sound as Darqwan. Having previously released for Planet Mu, Tectonic and on his own Texture label , his latest release comes courtesy of his House centric offshoot imprint ‘Paper Plates’.

Oris Jay/Darqwan’s music was dark. It was brooding, it was breakbeat ready and forward thinking. In short, it was sick, something that unfortunately his ‘Hexagons’ EP as RS4 struggles to match up to. There are obviously moments of glory peppered throughout-it would be foolhardy to think that a producer of such calibre would fall completely flat, but they are too thin on the ground to make any real impact.

‘The Massive’ and ‘Station House’ plod along to similar Acid leaning basslines and standard House riddims, with 90’s style Warp/Orbital-esq IDM sequences twinkling away gently in the background. Both have dark elements that occasionally pop in to add personality to proceedings, but generally speaking they both feel a bit lifeless and lacking. They sound a bit like paint by numbers productions rather than artisan products produced by someone who has genuine affection for the genre.

‘Leap Of Faith’ employs some good percussive work on top of a vocal performance from Iviee Mercutio, giving the tune an initial energy before a bland revision of the standard House sound seen in the previous two tracks. The EP closes off with ‘Lets Go’, the most original number on the EP – with the drum tracks more fluid and dynamic than the preceding tunes. All things said, this EP sounds like it’s been made by a producer that has hopped onto a genre that he’s not used to producing in, resulting in a lacklustre performance from someone many greatly admire. It just feels like the love isn’t there.

The ‘Hexagons’ EP is out now on Paper Plates. Buy it here.

Al Kennedy