mark radford rinse 18

‘Rinse:18 – Mark Radford’ (Rinse Recordings)

It’s certainly rare to see mix CD’s pulled off with so much flair. Rinse confidently come straight out of the gate once again with the eighteenth instalment in their acclaimed mix album series. This time their contribution to satisfying the insatiable appetite of refined dance music fans rests with the impeccable taste of Mark Radford.

Mark has had a successful and varied career as a DJ. Kicking off with drum and bass sets on legendary Weekend Rush pirate radio back in the day. From there Mark has steadily developed a reputation for smashing dance floors in all genres and venues across the Globe. In 2011 he started his Saturday night slot on Rinse FM and continues not to skip a beat. This experience doesn’t fly by without imparting a deeper sense of the tunes worth listening too in dance music. His taste, like a fine wine, refined and matured over the years to allow him to search out some incredible bits and pieces for one to indulge upon. Collected from the front line of the dance floor shift from UK funky to denser more minimal house.

Rinse:18 is most definitely worth a listen. It very interestingly combines Radford’s knowledge of underground UK producers such as No Artificial Colours, James What and A1 Bassline, with highly respected big name European producers like Steve Bug and John Tejada. A homage to his work with Rinse in London, and a harkening back to his house and garage days in Aiya Napa. The result of the seamlessly mixed concoction is a deep, bass heavy documentation of the imperial rise of stripped melodic techno. Starting with the funkier eighties sound of Alex Niggeman’s ‘Point Of No Return,’ sinking down into harsher pounding melodies until, spectacularly Carl Craig’s remix of Agoria’s ‘Speechless’, acts as the albums industrial turning point. To my delight Radford rounds off the mix with two producers who I have amassed huge respect for; South East London duo, No Artificial Colours and the infamous A1 Bassline. A great nod toward future sounds, it seems Mark has really outdone himself with Rinse:18.

Jamie Neville

‘Rinse 18’ will be released via Rinse Recordings on March 5.