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Ratcatcher – ‘Bubbledub / Nightlife’ (Catapult)

As resident of secretive Dalston night Rhythm Talk, former CRST man Ratcatcher has been out to put some of the old school atmosphere back into clubbing. It’s an ethos that he carries from the decks to the studio, with tracks like his ‘Cosmic Revenge’ remix and the appearance on Doc Daneeka’s ‘Television’ EP (under former moniker Rodski) showing his love of 90’s house cuts. He continues the trend with ‘Bubbledub / Nightlife’, a 2 track EP dropping on Catapult that marks Ratcatcher’s debut release as a solo artist.

‘Bubbledub’ is all about laying down a stylish vibe; a deep-seated groove works nicely over a smattering of percussion, allowing room for some classic house chords to take you back 15 years. Meanwhile ‘Nightlife’ lets a looping stab of strings lead the way, again making the most of vintage chords and timing the use of flattened bass and high-hats to good effect.

It’s a solid debut from the Welshman’s new moniker, displaying a deft touch of style, and with another release already lined up with Granholme Recordings it will be interesting to see if he can build from here. If you’re looking for a curveball of originality then you’ll need to look elsewhere, but if it’s a slice of quality old school house groove that you’re after, Ratcatcher is your man.

Robert McCorquodale

‘Bubbledub / Nightlife’ will be released via Catapult Recordings on October 17, and is available to pre-order here.