Randomer – ‘RNDMR001’ EP

Randomer recently announced the imminent release of a white label EP, comprising his first release of the year, and picking up from where he left off in 2012 with the fantastically twisted We Laugh, We Scream. Rndmr 001 is thickset and muscular throughout, its four component parts a manic amalgamation of House, Techno, Grime, Hardcore & Breakbeat. The diverse references through the EP show Randomer’s knowledge of dance music is pretty impressive, but this doesn’t get in the way of the release feeling contemporary, and most importantly, irrefutably danceable.

Kicking of proceedings, the aptly titled ‘House Banger’ mixes jagged, off kilter drums with raw house chords and frenzied vocal samples. The track sets a propulsive pace which persists throughout the EP, also setting the tone for the assortment of retro tinged textures abundant in the EP’s other offerings.

‘Meat And Dancing’ (a few of his favourite indulgences) moves into darker territory, and has a similar feel to the title track of the aforementioned We Laugh, We Scream. As with ‘We Laugh, We Scream’ Randomer employs spoken word samples alongside a toxic, acid infused bassline and his characteristically dense percussion.

Combatting the foreboding textures of ‘Meat And Dancing’,’Need U’ lifts the tone of the EP with cloying appeal. ‘Need U’ is a disparate track, in part harking back to the short lived golden years of hardcore, making use of jungle breaks, infectious vocal samples and euphoric chord progressions. Grime is perhaps the other closest relation of ‘Need U’, through its use of distinct snapping snares, eski style stabs and bass work.

Final track ‘Search It Out’ is an undoubtable standout, and has also been the track gathering the most dancefloor support, with praise from the likes of Ben UFO & Surgeon. ‘Search It Out’ is an unashamedly raw percussive excursion, and a good summation of the traits Randomer has become best known for. Gnarled basslines ride alongside coarse swung rhythms, occasionally interjected by piercing bleeps, and brash, rhythmically deployed vocal supplements.

With support from labels such as Hemlock Recordings, Numbers & Hessle Audio its interesting that Randomer has chosen to release such a powerful EP from under his own wing. Having said this his unique stylistic quirks and sense of fun (a trait often lacking in the house and techno bracket) should ensure the EP wont fall short of its deserved audience.

Theo Darton-Moore.