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Raffaele Attanasio – ‘No Thought Control’ LP (Non Series)

Throughout ‘No Thought Control’ Raffaele Attanasio gradually distills the flair and melody of his piano playing, that shone in ‘Der himmel über Berlin’, into more typical Non Series tools. It is tailored squarely at the club in its rising synths, long breakdowns, extended introductions and formulaic progression – an LP for the DJs.

Opening track ‘ENVLP’, much like ‘OTR’, is full-bodied with deep grooves and bright synths, and the two together provide the album’s lightest moments. ‘Storm’ is notably darker, with less of the ethereal peaks and troughs and more brooding, buried drums. In ‘Unchained’ and ‘The Woman’ he swaps these echoing and lengthy synth lines for single notes, leaving the robust, thudding kicks as centrepiece.

‘Wrszw’ has the shuffle of 4×4 garage. Its four-bar chord pattern is repetitive to the point of being hypnotic and remains constant whilst the compression and EQs slowly undulate. As with his self-titled EP under the X501 alias, the release ends with an acid track. Entitled ‘X-303’, as the name suggests, it’s a throwback, MPIA3-style barrage that completes the descent through the various styles on show.

In the style his first release for Non Series, he tones down his notably expansive high end capabilities into a more focused and compact approach. You might expect the end goal to be more adventurous, but this certainly ticks all the boxes with comfortable style.

‘No Thought Control’ is out now on vinyl, digital formats follow on May 28.