Rabit – ‘Double Dragon’ EP (Glacial Sound)

Glacial Sound’s inaugural release is quite possibly one of the best debut records to be released this year. As with the excitement that surrounded Bloom’s stunning debut EP ‘Quartz’ last year, Rabit’s ‘Double Dragon’ heralds the arrival of a sound so distinct and extraordinary that it’s hard not to sit up and take note.

Based in Texas, Rabit made his debut on Keysound’s ‘This is How We Roll’ compilation earlier this year but it is his debut for Glacial that demonstrates just how unique a talent he is, showcasing a sound built around a remarkable appreciation of eski-leaning sparsity.

A three-tracker complete with two superb remixes from Epoch and Logos, the ‘Double Dragon’ EP thus seems to explore grime on a whole new level, a sentiment echoed most vociferously by Rabit’s decision to write title track ‘Double Dragon’ at 120bpm. Slower in pace but stunningly intense, it packs signature eski synth lines, guttural sub pressure and a whole host of distorted bass stabs and FX in a uniquely abstract but reassuringly palatable way. The same can be said of ‘Black Dragons’ too, itself equally as distorted in parts although more up-tempo and constructed around gully, bruising bass hits and heavy-set synths that pack serious, club-worthy pressure.

‘Wolf Spider’ is arguably the most talked about on the EP, fusing industrial clicks with glorious, ear-shattering synth lines and sporadic bass pangs in pure distorted harmony – it is an incredible piece of music. Epoch’s ‘Soundboy Demoliton Remix’ flips the original on it’s head too, whilst Logos’ remix of ‘Double Dragon’ adds depth and a melancholy twang to an EP that collectively serves as an incredible debut for both label and artist. An essential piece of listening.

Buy the vinyl from June 17 and digital from June 24.

Tomas Fraser