Pupajim – Double Lock/Trouble Again (Jahtari)

Pupajim follows up his first release on Jahtari with another Maffi collaboration, the Stand High Sound System vocalist and producer teaming up with the Copenhagen-based duo to produce a pair of dance floor wrecking tracks paired with stripped down dub versions from label head Disrupt.

Opener ‘Double Lock’ is a hypnotic, pulsing mix of syncopated drums and looped synth-lines, working overtime to support Pupajim’s trance-like chants as he
addresses his audience, insisting that ‘you better close the door, in a double lock style for sure’. Like a high priest of Dub culture, he knows what’s good for you, and isn’t afraid to say it.

B-side ‘Trouble Again’ hits some serious nostalgia buttons, with arpeggiated synths that make the track sound like it should’ve happened 20 years ago. A clean-cut riddim weaves in and out of Pupajim’s words, creating a sedate tempo and an incessant sense of groove.

Disrupt’s dub of each track places a slight emphasis on both drum patterns and samples a few vocal cuts from the originals. But it’s nice to see the old tradition of backing each original with a dub ‘version’ and letting the art of mixing create a shape and depth to the track that is independent from the original. Pupajim’s simplistic musical style and appreciation of the more fundamental elements of reggae and dub, sees a release true to each of the genres ‘roots’ values. Each track is a perfect mix of old and new, and a nice soundtrack to the
summer months. So, go and cop this one, sit back and chill – and wait for the weather to match.

Lucinda Runham

‘Double Lock’ is out now on Jahtari Records.