Pritch & Trim – ‘Stereotype / Kiss My Arse’ (Planet Mu)

While having a producer and MC hook up on a record certainly isn’t a rare thing, every now and again the news of a collaboration gets us purring with anticipation; and so it was with upcoming release from Mark Pritchard and MC Trim. Combining the relentless, genre-spanning talents of one of the most acclaimed and respected producers in the game with the lyrical flair of the one time Roll Deep member and modern grime master, the 12” ‘Stereotype / Kiss My Arse’ drops next month on Mike Paradinas’ Planet Mu, complete with instrumentals.

Working a minimal hip-hop vibe with brass and wind accompaniments, ‘Stereotype’ (first heard almost a year prior as part of Logan Sama’s ‘Still Keepin It Grimey’) struts with a swagger that’s as cheeky and self-assured as it is infectious. With Pritch making your head nod, Trim’s now trademark unhurried delivery enhances the nonchalant feel of the track, the refrain “there’s a name for people like me” encapsulating its ‘I know what you think, and I don’t care’ attitude and providing a memorable hook along the way.

While it doesn’t strike as an overtly political record, in the wake of recent events Trim’s lyrics on stereotyping seem all the more pertinent, a fact which tells of the quality of his verse.

‘Kiss My Arse’ keeps things stripped down but brings a dancehall flavour, the creaks, croaks and winds of the beat again making a backing so mischievous it’s almost taking the piss itself. Trim turns his attention to his doubters and critics, telling of the various put-downs sent his way before stating “I don’t give a shit, you can kiss my arse”, slowing the pace down to make the ambivalence crystal clear for listeners.

Slick and cocky with plenty to make you move, Pritch & Trim’s collaboration proves that as ever Mr. Paradinas has an ear for the current that doesn’t disappoint.

Robert McCorquodale

‘Stereotype / Kiss My Arse’ is released on September 5 via Planet Mu.