Presk – ‘Love Again’ (Ten Thousand Yen)

Don’t blink or you’ll miss him. Dutch producer Presk is yet another new artist to raise his tunes above the parapet of 2011, turn his sonics up and begin ducking and diving through the post-dubstep maelstrom. Instead of opting for pure bass power or deep, ethereal shimmers, his new EP bristles with UK funky infused rhythms, albeit ones as muscular as they are clipped and clean.

All four electronic slices shimmy round you like Irish boxer Barry McGuigan at his prime, before knocking your guts sideways with a carefully orchestrated synth stab. He may know how to jack and boogie, but for Presk, it’s all about the timing.

‘Love Again’ is the Dutch dynamo’s follow up to the mighty ‘And Cut / Mold’ 12″ on RAMP offshoot Fourth Wave and, as with his previous release, shows he’s not afraid to bare his percussive teeth at the rest of the chasing pack. On this latest EP, he’s been muzzled by Welsh bass man Doc Daneeka and his brilliantly named imprint Ten Thousand Yen. ‘Love Again’ is the sixth release on the label, and follows in the esteemed bass-filled footsteps of Julio Bashmore and xxxy. It’s also the first 12″ slab the Yen crew have let slip from their loins, which gives an indication of its heavy, heavy weight.

The two tunes which book end the EP are where Presk shines at his brightest. Opener ‘Devour’ skips and bounces as it unravels over a coiled loop before a jagged synth line messily dismembers it. This metallic crowbar butchers the front end like a nose kissing a fist. But, by going straight for the jugular, Presk turns a chunky, techy-tinged little number into something which could and should raise some serious roofs.

EP closer ‘Headway’ is the other highlight – rude vocal samples bounce off a sharp, dry rhythm while chords slip and slide over it like a drunk in steel toe caps trying to climb a roof. Presk’s combination of energy and restraint is exciting enough to turn heads and feet. All ways point to the dance floor…

Jim Ottewill

‘Love Again’ is out now on Ten Thousand Yen.