Presk – ‘And Cut/Mold’ (Fourth Wave)

Relatively fresh blood on the scene, Dutch bass music producer Presk (real name Pieter Willems) has situated himself in Amsterdam, one of the genre’s thriving culture capitals. Orignally based in Utrecht (home of the legendary Marco van Basten – no relevance here), Willems began cutting up grooves and producing IDM using a basic ‘Tracker’ software, the beginnings of a linear compositional approach that features highly on his official debut.

And Cut/Mold is the first release on brand new label Fourth Wave, who, as their ambitious manifesto claims, will be “extracting ardour from the soulless well of change” over the coming months. If that doesn’t fill you with unfaltering optimism, I don’t know what will. Inspired by early exposure to Autechre and Squarepusher LPs, Willems channels the invention of his forebears into an innovative mix of 2-step and UK funky, with healthy amounts of minimal techno and drum n bass flavours thrown in.

And Cut is a relentless 6 minutes of bouncy rhythms and blasts of sawtooth bass; a fluctuating arrangement complete with requisite builds and drops. With little melody or harmonic movement, the focus is purely on satisfying the hungry dancefloors, and on that note it succeeds.

Mold picks up the baton from its A-side and runs with it. An original 2-step garage mixed with a streak of UK funky, the track mutates around yet further rhythms as it builds to a satisfying pay-off at the 1”30 mark. Again the focus here is kinetic energy – what Willems’ compositions lack in melody, they more than compensate for in rhythm. Played in full, this 12” could be a potentially deadly weapon for dancefloor DJs.

Tom Quickfall