Pev & Hodge – ‘Bells’ (Punch Drunk)

Punch Drunk label boss Tom ‘Peverelist’ Ford marks a three year release absence on the label with a collaborative project alongside fellow Bristolian, Jacob ‘Hodge’ Martin. Both have been busy over the past year with Pev overseeing recent releases on Punch Drunk from Zhou, Tessela and Kowton with whom he is now enjoying the growth of Livity Sound Records alongside third owner Asusu. Hodge has also been grinding over the past year – since his ‘Dusted’ EP release on Deadplate Records in November, he’s put out the self-titled Outboxx album alongside his partner Matt Lambert, as well as a devastating remix of Jabru and Joshua Idehen’s ‘Last Days of Rome’ and has forthcoming Well Rounded EP we covered previously on Hyponik, ‘Holographic Prose’.

The pair provide a 12″, ‘Bells’, featuring two versions of the track, entitled ‘System Mix’ and ‘Dream Sequence’. The titles speak for themselves with the ‘System Mix’ lending itself aptly to the club realm – an intricate, snappy drum arrangement coupled with ascending chords, all heightened by its sparseness and surely one for the mixbag. The ‘Dream Sequence’ version is intended more for the home listener – chiming synths, soft hats and a steady bass drum make this one easy to drift away with.

A great release and a testament to the quality of dance music that continues to flow out of Bristol.

Will Edge

Pev & Hodge – ‘Bells’ is out now on Punch Drunk