Ossie – ‘Set The Tone’ EP (Hyperdub)

Hyperdub continues it’s long-standing appreciation for the UK funky sound with newcomer Ossie, one among a selection of new additions to the label with a sound as rich and colourful as the roster he’s part of.

Ossie emerged from relative obscurity late last year when ‘Tarantula’ – his debut production released on
Reecha and Jon Rusts Lightworks – was battered by practically every decent DJ going, including Kode 9 himself.

Something to be noted on the ‘Set The Tone’ EP is Ossie’s striking use of percussion. It’s incredibly easy for UK funky to sound generic, and this EP’s general output is that of the genre’s standard ‘sunshine vibe’ which, of course, is nothing new. But the combination of intricate rhythms and simple melodies on lead track ‘Set The Tone’ work in perfect sync, whilst the subtle bassline supports, yet doesn’t overpower the track, or deter from the vocoder infused narration that echoes the tracks title.

Following track ‘The Power Of Love’ contains more of those electric vocals, although this time used sparingly to accentuate the eccentric afro-beat and swaying synths. Ossie switches up the tempo on final track ‘Moves’ with a slight R’n’B edge – a complete cyclone of textures topped with a beautiful string melody.

A perfect summer release; Ossie has embodied all that is good about Funky and produced a floor filling E.P crammed with beats to make you move, as well as showcasing his versatility and giving the listener an insight into his capabilities as a producer. Ossie has ‘Set The Tone’ perfectly, and in doing so, has set the bar.
Keep an eye out for this one.

Lucinda Runham

‘Set The Tone’ will be released via Hyperdub on June 20.