Nightwave – ‘Feel’ EP (Svetlana Industries)

Maya Medvesek, formerly known as 8Bitch, releases her debut EP under new moniker Nightwave, and unsurprisingly, we’re presented with something uniquely creative in the form of the ‘Feel’ EP.

Infectious opening track ‘Feel’ is a heavily bass-driven tune, employing beautifully placed synths and insistent vocals pitched high to tease the listener about a breakdown that never comes. This intriguing combination strikes a comfortable balance between bass, synths and vocals, all of which which complement each other impeccably.

The EP’s second track and highlight, ‘Night Bird’ – also remixed by Unknown To The Unknown (aka DJ Haus of Hot City) – layers manipulated, re-pitched vocals over a driving beat anchored to slow, simple and repetitive keys. While both opening tracks prove to be club-ready, the EP’s third track showcases a different side to the Slovenian producer. The unpredictable, glitchy, richly textured sound of ‘You Are My High’ and use of hypnotic, droning bass, creates a much needed breather for what proves to be an elaborate EP.

Rhythmically, there’s a coins-in-a-can rattle of which may bring to mind current names like Bok Bok, but you’ll be trawling through a lot of new mixes and old vinyl before you nail any influences here. What is clear is that this latest offering is infused with Nightwave’s deep passion for music making.

Alice Gilfillan

The ‘Feel’ EP is released via Svetlana Industries on June 27 (digital release July 11).