My Panda Shall Fly – ‘Sorry I Took So Long’ EP (Growing Records)

“Sun kissed Tibetan crunk meets Nu-Wave disco beat. Or Soul”. This is London based producer Suren Seneviratne aka My Panda Shall Fly’s typically eccentric description of his art – which is as elaborate and unpredictable as the title suggests.

MPSF initially graced us with his presence late last year when his re-work of Pirate Sound System’s ‘Dub N U’ surfaced. Since then, he’s remixed grime monster Terror Danjah, played at some of the biggest bass parties around and gained support from across the board including that of Mr Dam Mantle, who liked him so much, he decided that MPSF should release the first non-Dam Mantle production on his Witchita Recordings imprint Growing.

‘Sorry I Took So Long’ is the title of the aforementioned release. Opener ‘Injury’ provides layer upon layer of dense synth patterns backed by rippling basslines and agile, Latin tinged percussion. ‘Injury’ has the highest number of remixes on the EP and incorporates some nice elements for the congregation of new production talent enlisted re-work the track. Longreach collective member DoReMi builds the intro with that resonant synth but makes the track lighter with cut-up vocals and a relentless 2-step rhythm. Throwing Snow goes in all kick drums and claps whilst lady of the moment Nightwave injects restless beats and blips.

‘Xerox’ comes with dense, textural melodies balanced with light percussion and punctuated with echoing digital effects. Growing label boss Dam Mantle cleverly echoes ‘Xerox’ key changes with his own signature melodies complimented by weighty bass drops. The EP finishes with Yoyo filled with eerie organs and subtle wobbles that create much-needed breathing space within the EP. That is, until Pirate Sound System go in on a violent assault adding vocals, snares ad whistles to create a carnival vibe.

‘Sorry I Took So Long’ is a heady mixture of original bass laden productions and eclectic guest remixes, providing a well-structured and coherent EP, MPSF demonstrates his multi-faceted production abilities well and allows those he works with to do the same. Let’s hope he continues to cruise at this altitude for a long time to come.

Lucinda Runham

‘Sorry I Took So Long’ is released through Growing Records on April 11.