Mr Mitch – ‘Suave’ EP (Run Music)

Stylistic nuances aside, Mr Mitch has consistently made music that has tended to usurp everything else going on around him. Granted it’s not always earned the recognition it deserves, often because it’s been light years ahead in terms of either it’s thinking or composition, but his latest EP suggests that Mitch is really starting to find his niche.

Still exploratory but not to the extent where you find yourself contemplating his music rather than just enjoying it, ‘Suave’ is a six-tracker that showcases his chilled out, hip-hop leaning strand of instrumental niceness with a real sense of character. He’s included the viral sensation ‘Catford’, the name itself a homage to where he lives but more poignantly, a track punctuated by the sound of meowing cats, alongside five other more down-tempo beats that all seem to revel in their playful complexity.

It’s hard to look past classic, thugged-out swagger of opener ‘Wipe’ as the stand out track here but the sombre, cosmic notes on ‘September’ also make for some really enjoyable listening. There’s also the marvellous ‘Waiting By The Door’, a tune that taps into a more romanticised vision of Mitch’s creative world with subtle, dreamy melodies and washed out synths carving out a whole new aesthetic. ‘Who Cares?’ reverts back to that dirty south, classic hip-hop template that Mitch utilised on the excellent ‘Super Freak’ last year, whilst final track ‘It Might Be’ is almost beat-less in parts, with atmospherics fully explored but again leaning towards the softer, melody-driven sounds of the EP as a whole.

What is particularly pleasing about ‘Suave’ is that you can tell that this is music Mitch is fully happy with. In the past, I’ve got the sense he’s almost tried to find ways of making his ideas fit loosely within grime’s experimental canvas without ever really needing to and ‘Suave’ offers the perfect testament to that realisation. His music transcends genre now, it’s new and fresh and exciting but also deeply personal and it’s perhaps that makes this such a great EP and moreover, Mitch, such an absorbing talent.

‘Suave’ is out on September 16th and 12” and digital.

Tomas Fraser