Moleskin – ‘Satis House’ EP (Keysound Recordings)

Only a couple of months since his debut solo EP on his own Goon Club Allstars, presenting five club tracks that chopped up Grime with elements of Baltimore and Jersey Club, Moleskin’s latest EP is somewhat more peaceful. Following on from where he left things on ‘Burst’, the closing track on Keysound’s ‘This Is How We Roll’ compilation, ‘Satis House’ is a trip into a world of dreamy synths, haunting melodies and percussive echoes.

The EP was, explains Moleskin, “written between ’11 and ’14, originally conceived as a film score for a film I had put together in my head’. The soundscapes explored are certainly cinematic, and fans of Grime’s moodier producers such as Mssingno and Logos will enjoy ‘Satis House’. These are definitely not club tracks, unlike those on the Goon Club EP. Describing the period they were written in, Moleskin expands – “I wasn’t going out as much, or really hearing what I wanted when I was in clubs, neither was I DJing particularly often so I felt pretty disconnected with the club.”

All three tracks are interesting in their own space, but it would be interesting to hear them as part of a larger work – with the press release itself describing ‘Satis House’ in not dissimilar terms. A few more tracks expanding the EP would give it some more context and space for development, but for the moment these are interesting productions from a UK producer who continues to demonstrate impressive range.

‘Satis House’ EP is out on the 8th September, you can pre-order it here.

Jonathan Kambskarð-Bennett