Mizz Beats – ‘Are We The Dictators’ EP (Eglo)

For the past few years, Mizz Beats has been gaining herself serious acclaim on the production front, working with big names like D Double, Roots Maunva and Wiley with ‘Saw it Coming’. But her journey started much earlier growing up in east London, her parents heavily into disco-led records, her dad a musician and her grandfather a player in various bands.

After producing for a well-recognised mix of artists, including Dizzee and Lady Sovereign she began to work on some independent material, bringing us the anthemic ‘Purple Love’ with Silkie in 2009, which sent the UK bass scene mad with eager anticipation of what could follow.

The following year she returned with ‘My World & The Jester’. A strong signal of what was to come, offering soft undertones up against familiar-sounding squadron-type beats. This month she gives us a fluid five-track EP entitled ‘Are we the Dictators’, utilising elements of dubstep, grime and house to produce her trademark videogame/8-bit sound.

Her latest release on Floating Points and Alexander Nut’s Eglo offers the recognisable rustle of computer funk with its usual range of untempo beats and rhythmic downtime. ‘The Day before Tomorrow’ is a hazy groove laced with jazzy flow and soulful momentum. ‘Dirty Dishes’ is a much filthier game with recurring blends of bleeps and flutters of synth-like twists. She cites The Neptunes and Timbaland as key influences, which can be heard in the crispness of sound on tracks like ‘2 Bit Road’, where Mizz Beatz drops the pace, reverting to some elemental hip-hop vibes. Her darker side rears its bassy head again in ‘Sanctuary’ with snap-time notes and twisted drums, and things are rounded off with some steady strokes for ‘Sofa Beat’. Quality vibes.

Kim Wilson

‘Are We The Dictators’ is out now on Eglo Records.