Milyoo - Colours/Games - Opit

Milyoo – Colours/Games (Opit)

When thinking of Kentucky, the first thing that leaps to mind maybe something much more deep fried than woozy, electronic bleeps and squeaks – But preconceptions may be forced to change if young producer Milyoo continues to concoct broken house and bass sounds this ear-lickingly good.

Miyloo, aka Tommy Wilson, first emerged last year with the wondrous ‘Dasein’, a release bristling with almost too many sounds and ideas but with enough of a digi-thump and thrust to ensure he rose above the litany of producers pecking over dubstep’s corpse.

The 12 inch wobbled out on bass queen Subeena’s Opit label and saw Miyloo’s digital wow and flutter compared to other hype-types operating in these new, bass-filled aural spheres. Since then he’s continued to lay his cards on the table with a flair that is as cracked as it is cocky. He’s forged his own wonky path in the gaps between garage and more ethereal electronics with releases on Saigon Recordings and Fortfied Recordings. However, his latest record – ‘Colours/Games’ – sees him (temporarily?) end his nomadic days and make the circle complete by returning to Opit. It’s arguably his most focused work to date.

‘Colours’ is first out of the blocks and features a chorus of vocal samples float atop a beat which shuffles with serious intent – There are ideas a plenty among the samples, synths and fuzzing rhythms but they bound together breathing as one rather than scrapping it out for the limelight. Games is the more aggressive of the two, arriving with a bassline which sounds like’s it either strapped down or on a tight lead, desperately attempting to break free and run off into the woods – Miyloo doesn’t let it go, instead opting to keep it in check with more psychedelic splashes of bass stings and low end melody. The two together are an exciting, fresh-sounding pairing and beg the question – which direction is he heading in next?

Jim Ottewill

‘Colours/Games’ is released via Opit Records on July 5.