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Marcelus – ‘Shine’ (Tresor)

Marcelus (real name Cédric Bros) has a limited number of releases to his name thus far. Quantity does not supersede quality however and given that this is his third outing on the inimitable Tresor imprint, gives that statement even more impetus. Hailing from Paris – whose own scene is highly artistic and specialist with the likes of greats such as DJ Deep and Francois X – his sound can be likened to some of his Berlin contemporaries, but it also retains a slight twist, like a fragrance or zest that gives it a different identity.

The Shine EP offers two insights into Bros as a producer. The first is his DJing background and up bringing; tracks for sweating on the dance floor, the air in the forboding vault of the bellows of Tresor thick with something ominous; ‘Red Dance‘ is an out and out destroyer, building layer upon layer of percussive racket and modulated bassline, followed by the overwhelming kicks and energetic, shuffling hi-hats on ‘Worship the Bass’, the title more of a command than a name.

The record’s B-side offers up a far more cerebral listening experience, taking the listener to a different place. The title track flutters with a beautifully syncopated cowbell and tweaked rides that hover in and out of time with one another, whilst the ambience of ‘Astral’ brings about swirling mists through an oscillating, ever-so-slightly rhythmic string, bobbing around on a sea of echoes.

The ‘Shine’ EP is out 29th September on Tresor. Pre-order it here

Oliver Todd