Marcel Dettmann/Lucy – ‘Ride’/’Slaves’ March’ (Bleep)

Dettmann has gradually stripped-back his sound since his early excursions on Ostgut Ton and MDR, with recent material for 50Weapons and Dekmantel verging on minimal. In ‘Ride’ he continues the trend, opting for a simple groove and clean kicks over the thick, drowning atmosphere, and industrial thuds that characterised many of his first releases, the album in particular. This track’s basic, 4-note melody is unwavering and hypnotic, it returns everytime unchanged, just bolstered by minor percussive enhancements. Most of all, the gentle peaks-and-troughs, subtleties and patient urgency of ‘Ride’, the very details that come alive in a club, seem informed by his renowned DJ sets.

Lucy’s contribution ‘Slaves’ March’ opens with an offset 4×4 beat, static reverb and a rich analogue buzz. A switch-up at 2 minutes propels the track forward with a extra line of drums interrupting the structure and a thin background texture starting to gather weight. Before long the kicks have slid toward obscurity, with the dense mid-range quickly filling space. Another shift at 5 minutes darkens the drone, giving its din a haunting air that follows its course and disappears, only leaving the same drums that began the track. A slow-burner that needs to be played almost in its entirety to be fully felt, but, in such cases, it’s also a prime example of techno’s immersive quality.

‘Ride’/’Slaves’ March’ is available from August 5, Preorder here.

Richard Akingbehin