Manni Dee

Manni Dee – ‘Amid the Collapsing Scenery’ (Candela Rising)

As a previous guest on our Hyp Mix series Manni Dee has made his tendencies for tension and atmosphere crystal clear. His Black Sun Records releases echo that thick, murky sound he favours – ‘Between Desires & Deeds‘ being a personal favourite, which combines tripping 2-Step drum beats with a bass line and melody complex enough that they sculpt their own landscapes, a characteristic that seems to be increasingly present in his music.

His latest piece comes via Candela Rising. Despite the label’s youthful appearance they have welcomed some superb artists into the fold to help define their sound. Stroboscopic Artefacts affiliate Eomac and Irish duo Lakker, have contributed dark, twisted releases, approaching things from different aspects whilst both maintaining a near post-apocalyptic aura.

Manni’s latest offering exudes that very same aura. The first track breaks into it’s rhythm with a scattering kick and an echoing effect that is also felt in the oscillations of the metallic synth, acting as a half-time metronome that gives way to harsher percussion and eventually even grittier distortion. Voluptuous Surrender begins as a far shadier affair; deep hats and compression give a haunting feel to the intro that lowers the track down into reverberation and a split-second vocal acting as a cry for help.

With Ancient Methods and Shawn O’Sullivan on remix duties the EP is somewhat relentless, however they both make light work of evolving their respective tracks. The former is given added tension and a series of peaks that never let the track boil over, whilst O’Sullivan’s remix goes deeper, making brilliant use of an underlying synth by bringing it to the fore as a staccato bell and adapting the beat, which breaks into full pace & repetition just after the half way mark only to then ebb away back into a broken signature.

‘Amid the Collapsing Scenery’ comes out exclusive to vinyl via Candela Rising on September 8th. Pre-order it here.

Olly Todd