Makoto – ‘Another Generation’ (Apollo Records)

Since his introduction into the world of drum and bass via soulful legend LTJ Bukem, Makoto has had a fruitful career, pushing his signature jazz and soul induced sound, with hit records such as ‘Believe In My Soul’ and ‘Human Elements’, his stunning 1999 debut released on Bukem’s Good Looking Records label.

Now the Japanese producer returns with an exciting new EP, his debut release on Apollo Records, the ambient sister label of the influential R&S Records. ‘Another Generation’ is a beautifully timeless affair, with Makoto’s trademark jazzy elements fused with idyllic snyths and complex drum arrangements which hark back to his days as Bukem and Goldie’s labelmate.

Previous collaborations with DJ Marky are also evident in the record, with the title track ‘Another Generation’ containing those signature bouncing basslines which confirm its potential to vibrate a dancefloor, despite maintaining Apollo’s ambience. ‘Summer Nights’ is exactly as the title suggests – a pervading sense of euphoria and melodic synth motifs; harking back to the glory days of liquid drum and bass.

On the flip-side, ’73’ presents a more contemplative side to Makoto, a slow study which demonstrates his scope as a producer with fleeting arpeggios and an urgent, ticking beat. The EP closes with ‘Skyline’ an intense conclusion of the depthy moods of the record: emotive melodies and subtle chord shifts, all played out in precise arrangements which once again secure Makoto’s reputation as a remarkable musician and producer.

Lauren Bush

‘Another Generation’ is out on vinyl on August 13 and digital on 20th August.