Lnrdcroy – ‘Much Less Normal’ (1080p)

Emergent Vancouver producer Lnrdcroy (Leon Campbell in real life) contributes the latest foray into cassette dreamland from the 1080p label. ‘Much Less Normal’ is an inviting, hour-long exploration of subdued hardware-driven electronics, effortlessly evolving between moving ambient passages and entrancing rhythms. Steeped in nostalgic glow, this release is a logical expansion from FP003, the artist’s recent contribution to the impeccably curated Montreal techno imprint Forbidden Planet. The elegant, organic melodies gliding throughout this tape sound closely associated to place, conjuring images of thriving Pacific Northwest foliage and vibrant, cascading streams.

The ten extended pieces nod graciously to early Techno and IDM, each sounding both naïve and confident, making ‘Much Less Normal’ a nicely cohesive and introspective listening experience. Second track ‘Land, Repair, Refuel’ sets the tone with its lush strings and weightless groove. The upbeat ‘Slam City Jam (Mix Assist Mix)’ is a spirited effort, blending spacious breaks with tropical pads, amid swirling cosmic effects. ‘Ad In The Paper (Mix 5)’ is reminiscent of the endearing, glitchy IDM of early-2000’s labels Morr Music and Neo Ouija. ‘I Met You on BC Ferries’ might be the centrepiece, tugging at the heartstrings with its precocious melody and pillowy percussion. The epic closer ‘If Sylvia Built a House’ takes things a step darker, evoking visions of windswept beach fires capping off a memorable summer day.

Lnrdcroy’s offering here is a quiet statement, one which a year on from 1080p’s launch, seems to perfectly embody the playful and exploratory spirit of the label. 1080p releases are firmly rooted in the cassette format, but seem to capture a certain kaleidoscopic internet-collage feel that looks forward at the same instant. ‘Much Less Normal’ is no different, echoing of a distant future where our modern human imprint has been retaken by the earth. But mainly it really just makes for a very charming listen.

‘Much Less Normal’ is now available via 1080p. Buy it here.

Jarod Lapp