Llesca – ‘Sharks’ EP (Get Some)

Teenage, Lancaster-based producer Llesca offers up his percussive, London-centric ‘Sharks EP’ with four remixes by some of the hottest ‘soon to blow’ – forming the 8th release for the blog-cum-label Get Some.

The title track sees Llesca combine a repeating vocal stab with a pitched 808 bass line, frantic trap-style snare rolls and an energy designed for big rig dancefloors. Punctuating the flurry of percussive power and dynamism are hollowed-out eski synths that tie in nicely with the myriad of grime hybrids emerging in 2013.

The first of the following remixes is by Neana, a Cypriot producer recently championed via Bok Bok on his Rinse show. He perverts the original with a dark twist, replacing the booming 808s with hard, punchy kicks that pummel your chest – a peak time bomb for techno and grime sets alike.

Sought-after grime remixer Pedro123 steps up with a tighter palette than Llesca and adds classic hardcore and rave stabs into the mix. His interpretation is minimal, but the one that will probably hit the hardest on soundsytems around the country.

The ‘Checan 2 Sugars’ remix is probably my favourite. It is a full on bassline assault with dual basslines playing off each other and high pitched melodic figures filling in the gaps. The drums combine with the hypnotic house beats in delicious fashion – it grooves, it shakes and is utterly enjoyable to listen to – deserving of repeat listens for sure.

Last but not least comes one of my favourite producers of the last year, the much-underrated Liminal Sounds boss Elsewhere. He strips the track back to the barest of essentials adding a sense of depth and space. Swathes of reverb drench key elements throughout, making the track reticent in production technique to the original dubsteppers of old, although obviously utilising a completely different sound set.

The EP is solid and is sure to be heard around the country at raves all over the shop. So go Get Some of this shit!

Llesca’s ‘Sharks’ EP is out June 17.

Al Kennedy