Lando Kal – Further/ Time Out (Hotflush)

Lando Kal, for those without their ears tuned directly into the more bassy bits of the internet, is one half of electronic crunk duo Lazer Sword, a pairing notorious for their way with a sledge hammer style club banger. They cover everything in funk and glitch, hose it down in electronic party sweat, then kick it out into the wild to fend for itself.

But Lando’s debut solo is something else entirely. Released on Scuba’s Hotflush, and following a relocation to Berlin, our man forgoes the digital Doc Martens which he’s used in Lazer Sword to stamp all over your face. Instead he opts to take an altogether more soulful path. It’s still armed with enough wonk on its edges to slice you up – the main difference being that Lazer Sword would run up and grab you by the goolies before stabbing you in the guts. Lando would roll up you in piece of housey lace, then delicately do you from ear to ear.

A-side ‘Further’ is the bomb here – featuring a looped r’n’b sample and sideways roll, it shows how Lando’s solo take on club music is well suited to the Hotflush staple as well as owing much in terms of space and sound to his new European home. The clicks, ticks and electronic mist it uses to hypnotise you is pure German after hours – it’s a dreamy, yet tough piece of hyper house which rolls with a purposeful gait before getting ensnared by a UK garage/funky trip wire. ‘Time Out’ is the more deviant, younger brother of the main attraction. It shuffles along using a variety of rhythms as walking sticks before sinking back in on itself to a bed of eerie swoops and samples.

In his solo guise, Lando Kal shows more subtlety, yet still plenty of dance floor intuition. If he sticks to this tip, then he’ll never have to don those steel toe capped bass boots again.

Jim Ottewill

‘Further/Time Out’ is out now on Hotflush Recordings.