Kowton & Tom Dicicco - Untitled EP - (Project Squared)

Kowton & Tom Dicicco – Untitled EP – (Project Squared)

Project Squared’s latest output comes courtesy of a joint effort between producer of the moment Kowton and Tom Dicicco. It’s a brooding, no-frills set of tracks that wouldn’t seem out of place on Clones Basement series were they
not released on Project Squared. Appropriately labelled ‘Untitled’, the EP follows a set of hypnotic, relentless guidelines that it revels in, with the producers providing remixes for each other. Dark, ominous, menacing, all these traits could be used to describe ‘Untitled’, but the most striking aspect of it is how honest and up-front it is with its intentions. Dicicco and Kowton aren’t afraid to open up the metaphorical black hole that envelops you upon listening.

Manchester based Dicicco showcases the first ‘Untitled’. A robust, rolling bassline bounces throughout the track, providing the centrepiece that the progressively layered percussion and howling synths revolve around. Atmospherics are used to their utmost, the repetitiveness of the static bassline betrayed by the amount that’s going on around it. It’s hard not to get lost, a trait that’s shared throughout the EP. Expertly handled, it’s a certain contender to be the most engrossing of the four tracks. Kowton’s effort takes a slightly more reserved approach, a glassy synth reinforced by frenetic breathing and vocal cuts giving his ‘Untitled’ a bouncier, looser makeup. In this case, less is more, the percussion especially entwining itself to provide a more delicate aesthetic alongside the other horror-
inspired elements.

Kowton takes Dicicco’s original and adds some murky mysteriousness to the equation, introducing a vocal sample that goes some way to permeate the rhythm of the song. The textures are dusty and muted, Kowton’s bass line in a
much deeper position than the remaining elements. The disorientated nature of the EP continues with Dicicco’s take on Kowton; a rigid tempo and structure that feels like it’s going to carry on forever, only broken by distant claps and
mechanical clicks. The track and the EP as a whole seem tailor-made for the early hours in a dark basement, and wholly fulfils its promise.

Seb Merhej

‘Untitled EP’ is out now on Project Squared.