King Midas Sound – ‘Goodbye Girl / Earth A Kill Ya (Kuedo / Mala Remixes)’ (Hyperdub)

When former Techno Animal and The Bug producer Kevin Martin first started putting together tracks for what would eventually become the colossal King Midas Sound project – alongside Trinidadian poet/vocalist Roger Robinson and Hackney/Tokyo based singer Kiki Hitomi – it was clear that the group’s eventual debut album was going to be a beast. Sure enough, on its release in late 2009, ‘Waiting For You’ proved to be everything that was right about modern day electronic dub – something more organic yet just as challenging as the music that surrounded it on the Hyperdub label it called home.

Fast-forward to the summer of 2011 and, in lieu of a follow up, King Midas Sound fans have been treated to a couple of powerful remixes of two ‘Waiting For You’ tracks that easily stand alone as hard-hitting releases in their own right.

The Jamie Vex’d alias Kuedo takes on ‘Goodbye Girl’, dispensing with the drifting, smoked-out vibe of the original, and instead ramping up the sense of unease with a gothic church organ synth line, jolting beat, and an emphasis on Hitomi’s breathy vocals. The frequent King Midas Sound collaborator sounds at her most hypnotically seductive over Kuedo’s mix, and her involvement in any future projects from Martin’s collective is surely a must.

Original KMS poet/vocalist Roger Robinson is reinstated into proceedings by Mala’s reworking of ‘Earth A Kill Ya’; one that remains faithful to the minimalistic perfection of the original. A full and proper dubstep overhaul doesn’t impede on Robinson’s verses promoting organic living and the dangers of pursuing capitalist gains, and the rolling beats pick up his and Hitomi’s rhythmic phrases and run with them further than was managed on the spacious ‘Waiting For You’ version.

Talk of a new King Midas Sound album is long overdue, but in the meantime these remixes should more than suppress the hunger.

Tom Quickfall

‘Goodbye Girl / Earth A Kill Ya’ will be released via Hyperdub on August 29.