Kevin McPhee – ‘Boris EP’ (Hypercolour)

Kevin McPhee has been slowly gaining respect and admiration in the underground. A quality string of well-received releases on high profile labels such as WNCL, 3024 and Hypercolour precede him. On this second release for Hypercolour, McPhee reverts back to a murkier more minimal self as seen on his ‘In Circles’ EP from 2012.

The name of this first track is rather puzzling, but interesting none-the-less. For anyone asking a DJ in a heaving nightclub for it’s name, best of luck. ‘CC XXX YY NNNNN’, is a dosage of gritty thump and a solid helping of minimal Techno from the Toronto native. It begins with a short punchy introduction that leads into a mechanical darkness with hissing highs to mediate the aggressive zest. About three minutes in, McPhee gives way to an incessant vocal fragment, which feels a little redundant, especially given how well placed his previous sample usage has been. Trevino funks it up quite nicely with a Tech-House rework that delivers a more uplifting current.

Possibly the most avant-garde of the EP, ‘Branch’ is reminiscent of ‘Do’ from ‘In Circles’. It opens up with crackling winding and eases into a steady groove. There is a certain rawness in the interesting use of sounds and instruments. The track features a distorted horn sound and an arcane squeak funding its coppery demeanour. ‘DD YYY ZZ OOOOO’ is a certified banger, to be played at high volume. Tension is not lacking and could fit quite easily into the Sludge catalogue. A rigid, choppy big room track is what you’re getting here.

The Boris EP is available to buy on vinyl now, for more information see here.

Fab Goualín