Hodge – ‘Amor Fati/Renegades’ (dnuoS ytiviL)

Following a string of exceptional releases last year, ‘consistent’ has become somewhat of a tired cliché when discussing Livity Sound, but then with the quality of all the music they’ve made together recently, there’s been little scope for anyone to argue otherwise.

Pev, Kowton and Asusu proved themselves as a force to be reckoned with more than ever in 2013, and this is no less true of the Techno and Dubstep fusions they’re exposing through sister label dnouS Ytivil.  Jacob Martin, better known as Hodge, has previously worked with Pev and released on Punch Drunk, so it’s unsurprising to now see the young star representing Bristol on the trio’s smaller imprint.

Sure, ‘Dnous Ytivil’ is a play on word reversal, but the unmistakable sound hasn’t changed. The tracks are bass-heavy and fierce, and the blend of tough percussion with psychedelic twists is ultimately made to create furore on loud systems. ‘Amor Fati’ builds tension with an alluring vocal loop which pervades the entire track, and the sprinkled beats and clattering snares are eventually sent into a frenzy of warm, tribal rhythms.

‘Renegades’ is no less chaotic; what begins with a sedate drum over an underlying melody soon adds a gripping kick and razor-sharp percussion. A number of bewildering whistles play out, the melody becomes more prevalent, and suddenly the drums far more hard-hitting and unrelenting.

Call me a dreamer, but for me neither of these tracks would sound out of place soundtracking a Zulu warrior dance. The music this crew is showcasing is not only the most interesting dance-floor sound coming out of Bristol right now, but probably the whole of the UK.

‘Amor Fati/Renegades’ is out Monday 14th April on dnuoS ytiviL . Pre-order your copy here.

Chris Williams