Hensen – ‘Boss Mei’ (Templar Sound)

Since starting out last year, Sydney’s Templar Sounds has been knocking out a steady stream of moody, atmospheric releases from the likes of fresh-faced producers Skanky and Grown Folk and the increasingly revered home grown talent Dro-Carey. With their stall set out as a label to keep an eye on, they started 2012 by adding vinyl to their mp3 output and in their latest offering give another debut to the Aussie outfit Hensen.

‘Boss Mei’ is a richly felt expanse of shifting echoes, ghostly vocal ripples and crisply struck percussion, all expertly measured to against each other as deep bass notes pulse through and complete its gloriously full texture. Phasing between haunting, enticing spells and the full rumbling sections that roll through its heady landscape, it’s a track of some sophistication and strongly suggests we will be seeing a lot more of Hensen in the very near future.

On the flip we get a remix from Thigpen who takes out the rhythmic structure and elusive vocals to make a washed out, unbroken version that creates a far more relaxed feel. Retaining the depth of bass, here the resonating subs are used to subtly build pressure over the tracks length as the more smudged texture carries in the background. The relaxed haze cuts a sharp contrast to the original and makes for a tidy all round release.

Robert Mccorquodale