Graphics – ‘Wiping The Eye’ EP (Granholme Records)

The majority of hype that gets sent out with records merges into white noise, but with the latest EP from newcomer Graphics the opening blurb stated “it’s special enough to make me start my own label”, which is the kind of commitment that gets us excited. ‘Wiping The Eye’ then comes to us as the first offering from the freshly minted Granholme imprint, and a cracking opener it is too.

The title track skips in with playful drums that lull you into a false sense of security, as just after a minute the peace is demolished by the fierce pounding of tightly controlled bass. The pressure eases off while bells and stretching chords
gradually rise to the surface, creating a fuller sense of atmosphere for the bass to returns for its second run, completing a rich texture driven by a meaty ferocity.

‘Name This’ is a much calmer affair; tapping drums and cymbals flit over soft looping pads while deep subs keep the momentum rolling underneath. Another well put together track combining dub warmth and techno demeanour, its
fading synths pushing gently towards a transitional feel that could make it a worthy tune in the mix, but standing alone it does lack a touch of purpose that would help make a more pronounced mark.

Digital buyers will also be treated to ‘D Transition’, a mix of hazy beds, incisive drum programming and a fairly dispiriting vocal interplay that moves between glum sounding builds and head nodding rhythms. Although excluded from the EP, Zoltan’s remix adds beefed-up drums and a less melancholy tone, both to help bolster the good work by Graphics and lay the way for his own EP on Granholme out later this year.

It’s an EP with a lot of quality but ‘Wiping The Eye’ is undoubtedly the star of the show. Set apart from the usual bass tunes that look to hit big but lack any real finesse, it delivers floor-smashing bass with exacting precision and is undoubtedly worth starting a label for.

Robert McCorquodale

‘Wiping the Eye’ is put now on Granholme records.