Gingy & Bordello ‘Iron & Water EP’ – (Turbo Recordings)

The opening track ‘Iron & Water’ is a definitive example of progressive 4×4; launching with an industrial kick drum and each following phrase adding percussion and tweaking rhythms. Gingy & Bordello don’t try anything revolutionary with the structure here, but it is this predictability that gives the track its dancefloor force. The kick remains relentless for the vast majority of the seven minutes, subtly morphing as it goes through short breakdowns; a distant, reverberating warehouse beat re-emerges as a deep, sub-heavy pulse. The rest of the track fits neatly around this layer, shuffing hi-hats, snares and metallic chord stabs; enough to make it interesting, but always sufficiently soul-less to resemble a functional DJ tool.

‘Panoption’ breaks the mould, beginning with a birdsong sample, a veneer of life is added to the so far clinical sound design. The sample is quickly punctuated by a more melodic kick than seen before, making for a more ethereal track already. Low-end synths creep up on you in before it all unravels into a monster first drop, the snares doubling, bass expanding and birdsong sample dissapearing. A sci-fi-esque breakdown follows, and adds further elements of synth and acid to the next drop – somehow more encapsulating than the first.

Probably my pick of the EP is ‘Ausbruch,’ the pair Gingy & Bordello go in on a deeper tip, exploring low frequency drums and in-your-face atmospherics. ‘Ausbruch’ is the most ‘interesting’ in terms of structure, breaking down four times, a dancefloor is repeatedly thrown in-and-out of an overwhelming, and musically violent trance.

The Toronto-based producers have, without doubt, done themselves justice here – nothing groundbreaking or particularly stand-out, but four undoubtedly solid techno tracks, capable of making quite an impression in the club.

‘Iron & Water’ is out on Monday, July 9 via Turbo Recordings.