Floating Points – ‘Marilyn/Faruxz’ (Eglo)

A London based producer known for his ability to layer soulful hip-hop and syncopated rhythms into slow-mo house tracks, Floating Points returns this week with his latest 12” ‘Marilyn’. Out on the Eglo imprint that he runs with fellow groove pusher Alexander Nut, the single adds to the already impressive output of a label and artist who has steadily built a reputation for quality over the last two years.

Leaving the hip-hop to one side, ‘Marilyn’ drops funk and off kilter instrumentation into a low tempo house vibe, creating an upbeat head nodder that pinches and pulses like a warped afternoon in the sunshine. Dreamy synth beds stir up from the background as jazzy keys solo up and down, before the sharp throb of a distorted organ takes charge and tests your tolerance for the harsher end of the sound palette. This soon gives way again however, and the dreamy beds return with more flickers of twisted chords and increasingly expanding bass, leading you back to reality with a low-end full with texture.

On the flip ‘Faruxz’ brings the hip-hop flavours back in with a luscious arrangement of disjointed relaxation. At the centre of the track a deep groove sits amongst soothingly vibrating bass, allowing carefree synths and flute spirals to play with the air of complete freedom. All the while a syncopated beat pattern retains a touch of strangeness, ensuring Floating Points’ characteristic otherworldly feel isn’t outdone by his touch for soul.

Robert McCorquodale

‘Marilyn/Faruxz’ is out now on Eglo Records.