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Evian Christ – ‘Waterfall’ EP (Tri Angle)

Evian Christ produced a track on Yeezus. Just thought I’d get the obligatory mention out of the way to start off with.

Joshua Leary is a rarity in electronic music; an underground experimental musician with (mostly deserved) mainstream recognition.  2012’s ‘Kings and Them’ was a breath of fresh air. Ambient inspired Hip-Hop with character, atmosphere and swagger… At the time it was criticized by some as too similar sounding but I believe that was one of its greatest strengths. Multiple tracks sampling the same Tyga track was a stroke of genius and a beautiful re-contextualisation of some fairly ghastly Hip-Hop. Regardless it says something that a collection of eight free downloads made the impact that it did.

On from a lush record store day release and another track we now come to ‘Waterfall’. In less than half a minute the EP opener blasts from atmospheric synths to a garbled vocal landing on a “banging” drop complete with faux-EDM trance stabs. It’s a pretty jarring experience. This isn’t necessarily because the track’s elements don’t work together. It’s such a reversal of Christ’s previous output. Slow, sparse music has been replaced with an ultra-maximalist anything goes attitude.

That said there’s a real authenticity to the record. The energy carries on throughout the EP with ‘Fuck Idol’ and ‘Propeller’ matching ever popular Trap sounds with Kowton-esque bass spurts. Christ is clearly from very good musical stock and on repeated listens his noisy ambition creaks through. The title track offers more promise in an utterly bizarre way. Imagine if you will a Bauuer remix of an Aaron Dilloway track.

I’m unsure yet if this is the start of something new yet for Evian Christ. It shares far more in common with his most recent and popular collaboration. The EP lacks subtly but certainly compensates for it with intricacy.

‘Waterfall’ is out now on Tri Angle Records, grab your copy HERE.

William Warren