Deadboy – ‘Return’ EP (Numbers)

With an infrequent output and high-caliber in every production, a Deadboy release is guaranteed to be worth paying attention to. The London producer’s latest endeavour, the four track ‘Return’ EP is a Disco affair that pulsates with glowing neon energy.

Making a cinematic entrance with ‘Return’, Deadboy taking the listener for a muted night-drive through a dystopian Neo-Tokyo. Epic visions of Akira, neon skylines and 80’s nostalgia are procured as arpeggiated synthesisers shimmer over ominous organ chords and waves of atmosphere wash in and out until the morning comes and with it the dawn of a new day.

The EP kicks into full flight in positive Numbers fashion with ‘YHVH’, chopped vocals ping back and forth, resonating in harmony over a strobing bass line broken by synth stabs all keeping in time with a simple kick-drum. The artwork for this release is the picture perfect embodiment of where this sounds belongs – strobes, lasers, smoke machines…welcome to the space disco.

‘Des Niles’ is another piece of upbeat Nu-Disco. Two warped Soul vocals croon together over glossy synth sounds. East then meets West on ‘Life Code’ where Deadboy blends pan pipes with punchy modern bass notes for a fitting conclusion to this four track venture. It may be a retro pastiche but this is a well-rounded and expertly assembled record that simply flows.

‘Return’ is out now Numbers. Buy it here

Conor McTernan