Champion – ‘Rainforest EP’ (RKS)

Roska’s Kicks and Snares imprint enters the seventh chapter of its quest into the realms of primitive, bass-loaded UK funky. This time around we see relative newcomer (yet viewed as a visionary in his brand of bass music) Champion, pen a three track EP of unadulterated, dance floor devastation. Opener ‘Rainforest’ is all out Amazonial chaos, with layers of of congas, bongos and tribal chants joining tropical bird song in a build up that is eventually met by Champion’s upfront and spacious drum programming and astounding chest-rattling low end.

‘Selecta’ is soaked in dubstep, grime, garage and jungle influences, with polyrhytmic organic drum sounds bouncing around a sinister grime-laden synth pattern. Once again Champion’s natural ability with the lower end of the audio frequency spectrum shines through with devastating effect. The heavily delayed ragga sample is served as standard – there’s no messing around here, the track consisting of an all-out assault on the body and mind.

‘Wardance’ starts out with 16 bars of more familiar UK funky territory before a typical jungle breakdown introduces a fiercely moody bassline that carries the track along, flexing its biceps throughout. This is littered with jungle inspired soundbites and incidentals that is set out to do nothing but make that backside bounce. Despite being categorised as UK funky, there are plenty of nods to funky’s heritage, whilst remaining forward thinking. Releases like this really are a testament to the restless, innovative nature of bass music today.

Josh Thomas

‘Rainforest EP’ will be released via RKS on December 5.